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thistle house
thistle house

Medium-sized with 147 employees, in the hands of the Bauer family since 1876. Master brewer Timo Herkert produces over 20 types of beer. He has brewed a golden beer with the "Schwabenkorn" spelt.

Over the years,28 awards have gone to the Tauber Valley in Baden-Württemberg. With three gold and two bronze awards, Distelhäuser was the best German brewery at the European Beer Star 2020 and number two worldwide. Chapeau!

The "Brauhaus" restaurant, a Slow Food sponsoring member, offers fresh Distelhäuser beers and dishes with ingredients from the Tauber-Franken region. In the event center "Alte Füllerei" there is culture around beer: cabaret, variety show, brass band music...

Our own butcher's shop, "Bauer's Brotzeit", was opened in 2004. Species-appropriate animal husbandry with local farmers, feedstuffs without genetic modification and slow fattening guarantee unadulterated taste.

Distelhäuser's claim is to brew pleasure beers of exceptional quality. "We try to live up to this promise of quality every day."

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