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In the Altötting district of Graming, a brewery is in the hands of women. Three sisters run the brewery and pub. Sabine Detter and Birgit Strasser are brewmasters, Iris Detter is a catering specialist: "We send our beers to the European Beer Star because brewed prizes confirm the quality of our daily work". Birgit Strasser adds, "The medals are fiercely contested. Many breweries make good beers. That's why a prize in this competition is something special. For me, Beer Star is the most important award, the most important competition in the brewing industry in Europe. Every Beer Star we have won has had a positive impact on sales."

"But the best thing is when guests, customers and colleagues from the industry are happy for us and proud of us and our award-winning beer.This pat on the back is simply wonderful and balm for the soul."

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Graminger Weissbräu at the European Beer Star:


2005: South German-Style Light Wheat.
2006: South German-Style Light Wheat.
2010: South German-Style Hefeweizen Dunkel.
2019: South German-Style Light Wheat.


2017: South German-Style Hefeweizen Dunkel.

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