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The brewery was founded in 1608, making it one of the oldest breweries in Bavarian Swabia. The Groß von Trockau family has been at the helm of the brewery since 1962 and has invested in modern technology in recent years.

They deliver "around the chimney", attracting thousands to Unterbaar once a year - to the legendary brewery festival. This is when the wooden barrels of beer are tapped in the festival tent.

Unterbaar beers have achieved world fame in the European Beer Star competition. Since 2005, 20 awards have gone to the Schlossbrauerei. Over the years, Unterbaarer Dunkel won the gold award on four occasions, as well as one silver and one bronze award each. In 2022 the brewery is one of the most successful entrants, winning gold twice and silver once.

Awards in 2022:

Gold in the category South German-Style Leichtes Weizen
Gold in the category South German-Style Hefeweizen Dunkel
Silver in the category South German-Style Hefeweizen Hell

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