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"In the wonderful region between the young Danube and the southern foothills of the Swabian Alb, we have felt at home for generations and are warmly connected with the land and its people." Beer needs a home. Therefore, only raw materials from Baden- Württemberg are used; most of them grow in fields in the immediate vicinity of the brewery and are brewed with a passion for craftsmanship. "Beer needs time and character!" This is what the brewery stands for with its bosses and employees.

33 European Beer Star Awards have found their way to Hirschbrauerei Honer since 2004. Many beers from the range have received awards. The front-runner is "Leichtes Weizen" with 7 awards in gold, 3 in silver and 3 in bronze in the South German-Style Leichtes Weizencategory.

"Earning one of the coveted spots on the winner's podium at EBS is always a unique recognition for our entire brewing team for the quality and standards of craft brewing."

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